A man loses the woman of his dreams due to his philandering ways. A lesbian couple are on the brink of an opportunity of a lifetime. A vibrant family with an adopted Chinese child struggles with racial bullying and extramarital flirtations. A successful Japanese American woman in her thirties is disheartened by the dating pool. What do they all have in common? A cat.

In the meantime, Charlie—the cat—is suffering from somewhat of an identity crisis. His caretakers, environment, and name changes repeatedly, leaving him unsure of his place in the world. Through his transient journey, he encounters a range of humans in alternative lifestyles. His experience of being rehomed instills him with the will to seek justice for others—such as the troubled children next door. Along the way, he stumbles upon friendship, a sense of purpose, and maybe even the meaning of life.

“An Ode to the Humans Who’ve Loved and Left Me” is a study of human nature, through the watchful eyes of an introspective tabby cat. It examines race relations, interpersonal complications, and the often uninspected effects of adoption. Spoken with an honest and heartfelt meter, it’s a gaze into the lives of those in search of belonging, and to be understood.

The children’s companion versions are titled, “For All the Lives I’ve Lived and Loved” and “For All the Friends I’ve Found”. My motivation for these pairings is for parent and child to bond through the characters together.

Fiction | Co-release December 2015 with “For All the Lives I’ve Loved and Lived”
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